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Water Confidence


Getting into the water.

ABOUT US| The Short Version

Swimmers Club is an online arts and independent culture (or what's left of independent culture) magazine.

We're based in Manchester, UK.

ABOUT US| The Long Versi

  • Are you drowning in an unremitting tidal wave of useless and/or boring as fuck information via some App?
  • Confused about what to read next or what music to listen to?
  • Worried about seeming uncool in front of your friends?

Well, we probably can't help you with any of that but do you remember that lost and innocent time before algorithms sent news that they incorrectly perceived you wanted to hear about directly into your inbox, before they sent corporately-sponsored music that was just appalling to listen to directly into your headphones and before they recommended books directly into your limbic system that were just fucking atrocious but which also happened to be backed by major publishers?

Remember when you got your information from a simple static website, or a weekly music paper, or a fanzine or from a mixtape made by your Cocteau Twins obsessed friend or just from word of mouth?

At Swimmers Club, we want to ruin your Deliveroo life. We want to teach you how to swim again.


We are committed to being a 100% Algorithm-Free, no added sugar.


There are many different levels at which you might want to engage with Swimmers Club.

Getting into the water

"Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth."

If you don't want to interact with us much at all and just want to read the various articles on our site then feel free. We don't need to know anything about you if you don't want to tell us. You don't have to sign up to anything.

Moving About

'If you feel a little nervous at first, grasp the rail or side of the pool and jump up and down a few times to get used to the water.'

If you're feeling slightly more confident but can't quite manage to let go of the 21st century, you can follow us on social-media. We don't know any people who work in marketing but we feel sure they'd tell us that this is extremely important. As for us, we don't care if you follow us or not.

It's one way to see our sparse updates when they do happen and yes it's probably extrememly disingenuous of us even to use social-media.

Water Confidence

"You can only claim to be water confident when you can move around freely on the surface and underwater, controlling your movements without any fear or tension."

If you want to contribute to any of our sections, please have a look through the Submissions info where you can also find out what these sections are all about.


'You need to be able to float before you can swim, so push your shoulders and hands under the surface of the water. While doing these movements, you will feel the pressure of the water bringing your feet closer to the surface.'

If you feel like you can offer a bit more and want to join the dysfunctional Swimmers Club synchronised swimmers team in and help source content for the site or help in any other way then email us to float any ideas.

We'd be happy to hear from anyone, anywhere in the world, who seems to get what we do and who would be interested in sourcing Q and A's for any of our sections.


What happened to misfitsmag.com?

Swimmers Club grew out of Misfits Mag. We're still misfits but we're not Misfits Mag. If you can still find pages from the Misfits Mag site online anywhere then they'll be a broken graveyard of links and that's just fine. Most of the interviews from there have been resurrected here already though.

Why do all your social media links link to Dostoyevsky Wannabe? What's this all got to do with Dostoyevsky Wannabe? What is Dostoyevsky Wannabe?

Dostoyevsky Wannabe is an independent publishing label/thing and what it publishes mostly takes place in print. Swimmers Club is a sister-site to Dostoyevsky Wannabe. For more info go to: dostoyevskywannabe.com

Is Swimmers Club just an online thing?

Yeah mostly but from time to time we'll also be looking to publish books of interviews that appear on Swimmers Club and other things over at our Dostoyevsky Wannabe Experimental imprint.

Do you carry advertising?

No, because we have no actual genuine business sense and somehow never make any money from the things that we do.

If I contribute or help out do I get paid?

See the question about advertising or to put it more bluntly 'Nobody seems to get paid in the new world order' for things like this? It's fucking annoying? If anyone wants to pay us then please feel free to get in touch.