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15th June 2017


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Who: Shane Jesse Christmass.
Where: Melbourne, Australia
What: writer, musician.

Cat No: DW-361

Napalm Recipe Shane Jesse Christmass AWC guest-mix

1 Luminous by Myth
2 In The Rays of the Artificial Sun by Stanislav Tolkachev
3 Love Song by Romare
4 Summer Romance by Tevo Howard
5 Caramel by Tenderlonius
6 Last Order by Kasra V
7 Thoughts of Liana by Lily
8 Memories Anailia by Rick Wilhite and Calvin Morgan
9 Cold like the Baron by Bludd Relations
10 04 by Aci Edits
11 Booboo by Cooly G
12 Legion (VIPinch Mix) by Mumdance and Logos
13 Partheno by A001
14 Bittersharp by Border One
15 Parklife by John Connell
16 Silicon Consciousness by Andrea Taeggi
17 Damm That Valley by U.S Girls

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