Swimmers Club

23rd March 2017


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Photo Courtesy of Bex Wade

Municipal Pool

Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth.


Where: Manchester, UK
What: Band

Can you give us a quick introduction to each member of the band and tell us who plays what?

Faith - I sing in the band, Lois plays guitar, Anna plays bass, Sophie play drums and Kyoko is on keys and guitar.

Where did you all meet?

Faith - Manchester. I spent a really long time trying to join a band before realising I wanted to make my own band. Anna was a perfect stranger, a friend of a friend... we hit it off and then before long we had a full line up. For the first year we didn't have a band name, we just went to our rehearsal space made weird songs and drank stubbies, it was like a secret girls club.

Lois - I met Anna through the same friend and I remember her asking me if I wanted to come and try out playing with them, she'd said it was all girls so far, no one was sure what instrument they were gonna play yet, and I couldn't resist.

How did the band's name come about?

Faith - Lois was running a night called Ping Pong Club where bands would play and people would play ping pong afterwards, it was at Islington Mill which is one of our favourite venues in Manchester, anyway, we decided to play our first show there so once that was booked we really needed a name. We liked PINS because it's what English people call legs, it's sorta feminine. People sometimes ask me if it's because of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's song 'Pin' - I like that too.

What would you say the band's main influences are?

Faith - According to Wikipedia it's Hole and The Jesus and Mary Chain, I said that one time and it stuck like glue! I do like both those bands though but as for influences, we all have different tastes. I like 60's girl groups and garage music, vocal harmonies and all that.

Lois - I think it depends what mood we're in as to what we feel inspired by, we'd get bored just playing the same style all the time. I think a mix of bands like Velvet Underground, The Fall, Suicide, The Shangri La's, Bikini Kill are a good starting point.

What are you working on at the moment?

Faith - Our EP called Bad Thing comes out this month, it has our song with Iggy Pop on there and a cover of Joy Division's 'Dead Souls'. We did a whole visual side to the EP too, can't wait for everyone to see/hear it in its entirety. We're just piecing together our third full length too.

Has the city where you formed had any influence on the band/music?

Faith - Our first vinyl was a four song EP called LUVU4LYF, when I listen to it now it soundtracks the memories I have from that weird and wild time we were having in Manchester before we got signed, to me it sounds like Manchester, the grit, rain and swagger.

Lois - I think LUVU4LYF does have more of that Manchester sound that people talk about, like more Joy Division influence, but I'm not sure musically we fitted in to the scene in Manchester, we always used to get described as a Brooklyn band.

How important is the look/aesthetic of your record covers and the style of the band generally?

Faith - very important, it's part of the package, the whole deal. We can't put our hearts and souls into our music and then send it out in an Aldi bag. When we first started out people accused us being style over substance but regardless of whether you like our music or not, we love it and it would be an insult to it if we got on stage in jogging bottoms and a sweater.

Lois - We've designed all our own record sleeves, and with the cassettes we even hand make them. The photographs we use for them have mostly come from a shoot we've put together, or shots that Faith has taken on tour. But we love doing all that.

Do you have particular favourite formats or are you happy just to get the music out in whatever format you can?

Faith - it's always exciting to see our album on vinyl in a record shop.

Lois - Yeah I like vinyl, all sorts of colours and shapes. And a cassette is more fun that digital too.

Pre-order the EP Bad Thing from the PINS website