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15th June 2017


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Municipal Pool

Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth.


Who: Chuck Young.
Where: Clinton, United States
What: Writer.

Cat No: DW-358

What do you do?

I am a retired early 2000s emo musician & also a dad, meaning I eat out of the garbage regularly. I compulsively post on the internet so that I may feel misguidedly infinite. Primarily I'm a children's book author & poet, I guess (though that's mostly due to stamina & the lack thereof). 

Stock question. Can you tell us a bit about your influences?

Mostly influenced by feeling alone but not in a sad way more than just looking to communicate the things I see/think in a way that is uniquely me with the hope that someone somewhere will same to it so hard that they have an out of body experience & then when the them that floats up to the ceiling looks back down at the body of them, the spirit-them goes "same." 

Can you tell us about your most recently published book and whether it does or doesn't differ from the types of things you've written before?

I have a children's book coming out this fall through Penny Candy Books called The Day We Lost Pet. It's based on a short story I wrote for issue one of Witch Craft magazine, so in that respect it doesn't differ much from the things I've written before but it definitely is maybe the most imaginative thing I've written & it lent itself very well to illustrations that the amazing Aniela Sobieski ended up doing for it. 

What are you currently working on?

I'm writing a bunch of love poems with my actual hands & physically mailing them to an angel with whomst'd've I've fallen for in order for them to be kept in a decorative lightbox & stored in an attic until adult children stumble upon them to anecdotally use in anniversary toasts and/or obituaries. 

Swimmers Club has a focus on the state of independent culture at the moment (independent coffee shops, presses, record labels, etc). How healthy do you think independent culture is right now?

How could the state of independent culture improve? I'm not sure. Consumers seem to want things that are easily accessible but part of the magic of independent culture has always been the work that goes into finding something & treasuring it; the notion of cool. I think finding new & inventive ways to use technology in order to market these treasures will help bridge the gap between accessibility/niche. But I don't know. I'm part of too many folded things (bands/literary magazines) to comment with any authority. 

What influence, if any, does the city in which you live have on your world?

I'm from small town America & it definitely played a major role in the writing I'd do for emo songs & abandoned memoirs but I'm not sure how much of it is reflected in my more recent work. I commute into Boston for dayjob work everyday & maybe that sort of repeated meditative purgatory influences my creative output in that it allows for sustained brain percolation, but I've always been pretty sheltered from the culture of the city (as if simply an organic transitory pod unto itself) for better or worse (most likely worse since I just used flowery language to basically say "I'm a privileged fuck"). 

Finally, can you swim?

Like a goddamn seahorse. 

More Info:

You can read some published things here if you're feeling ticklish: http://yourdeadbffsurl.tumblr.com/