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Originally from Misfits Mag, 2016


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Who: Dori Tomcsanyi
Where: Budapest, Hungary
What: Fashion Designer

 After having studied applied arts in Budapest and Paris, Hungarian designer Dori Tomcsanyi successfully launched her self-titled label and also The Garden Studio, a Budapest-based hub for young designers and established selected brands.

Marc Louis-Boyard talks to her for Misfits.

Welcome aboard the Misfits spaceship, Dori. Can you tell us a bit about you?

Thanks! :)

I’m 28 years old, I have a 4 year old kid, Mimi, and she is a rockstar. I’ve created the company with my husband Balint. I’m leading the overall vision and the artistic side, and he helps running the business. We are now 8 people working as a team to reach all the goals we’ve set for the future. 

We hear you’re pretty laidback, and high end fashion seems to no longer be such an elitist community. What is your view on the democratization of fashion, and of creation in general?

I don’t take fashion too seriously, only from the business side. Designing is my favorite part and I always follow my instinct and personal aesthetics. I’m more excited to see something unconventional than watching all the Fashion Week shows from all around. I prefer cool zines and indie magazines rather than glossy magazines with lists of “must have” pieces for the season. I enjoy the art in fashion, the creativity and the uniqueness more than the seasonal side.

Your label’s Instagram account reveals that architecture and interior design are essential to your creation process. Do non-visual arts (music, literature, dance) have an important impact on you as an artist?

Yes they do. But unfortunately I don’t read as much as I used to. Music is still a must for me while I work. An ideal working environment for me is working at night when the studio is empty and I can focus on 100% on designing while listening to loud music. My current hobby is to scout cool mixes on Soundcloud. I always listen to electronic music while I’m working, but when I relax I can only listen to something soft, instrumental. I love classical music! 

Let’s face it: the world can be tough but childhood and fun seem to be a factor in your productions. How do you keep that happy-go-lucky spirit in such a demanding sector?

I can only be sad or depressed over an unsuccessful event, and only for a day. Often I feel like I’m wasting too much precious time on unimportant things, so I suck it up and go forward. I also love being with my friends, they always remind me how lucky I am actually to have it all. Also, I really love what I do. I wake up during the night and think of clothes, silhouettes, colours, prints and I get excited and can’t wait to get back to work.

Alber Elbaz, Hussein Chalayan, Phillip Lim… many fashion designers have left their country to seek opportunities and change abroad. What makes Hungary and Budapest such a nice place to stay and create?

It did come to my mind to move abroad, but at the end of the day I really feel good here. My parents live abroad, but my friends and rest of my family live in Budapest and I’d really miss them. I love the Eastern European heritage and Budapest is just so much fun, I wouldn’t give up on Sunday flea markets for anything! I’d like to travel as much as I can, but in the end, I would always come back home. 

Where can we come to share a cup of coffee with you? What are the next big plans?

We’re just closing the sales season for the AW16/17 collection and just about to start sampling the new SS collection. The pace is crazy in fashion, so I’m mostly at the studio, or somewhere in downtown Budapest enjoying the sunshine.

Thank you very much Dori.


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