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Originally from Misfits Mag, 2016


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Who: Jamie Morgan
Where: Rhode Island, USA
What: Writer

Who are you?

Jamie Morgan

Where are you from?

Charlottesville, Virginia

Tell us about your new book?

There are several chapters. One of my favorites being “He Said”, a collection of poems I have constructed out of undesirable messages I have received from men over the last eight or nine years.

What would you call your book? Poetry? Prose? Some mixture? Do you think much about these kinds of distinctions?

It is poetry to me and that is all that really matters.

Can you say something fancy and clever and literary about your book?

Not really, but Becca said it is a “monument to pop tart pathology”.

What would you say to sell your book to the general public?

Buy it and if you don’t like it give it to someone you hate.

How does it differ to what you've written before or doesn't it?

Everything I write or make is made for myself and then I share it with other people. I really don’t care if people like what I’m doing or not, I just make stuff I wish already existed.

Can you tell us a bit about what you're working on next?

I’m currently working on an erotica novel. ;)

Heard any good music this year?

Tami Tamaki aka Tami T.. I can’t stop listening to her song I Never Loved This Hard Before and of course my boyfriend, Siamese Floater!

Do you fancy yourself as some kind of artist or what?

Yeah, check out my current video project on instagram @trashgnar

Finally, have you read anything good this year?

Poems about Bulimia by Rebecca Beauchamp and Kuntalini by Tamara Faith Berger.


'Blood Burger Parade' by Jamie Morgan is out now on Dostoyevsky Wannabe