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Originally from Misfits Mag, 2016


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Municipal Pool

Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth.


Who: Jon Leon
Where: New York, USA
What: Writer

So, who are you?

My name is Jon Leon. 

Where are you from?

I’m from North Carolina. I’m currently living and working in New York City. 

What do you do?

I write books.

What time is it where you are and what are you doing right now?

It’s 9:00am. I’m drinking coffee.

Who or what are you influenced by?

I’m influenced by the movies.

Are you one of those people who like really loves technology?

I love technology.

Do you still listen to music? If so, what's been the best stuff you've heard all year?

I still listen to music. In the past year I liked “Tiger Dreams” by Miley Cyrus and Ariel Pink, “Style” by Taylor Swift, “No More Parties in L.A.” by Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, “High by the Beach,” Lana Del Rey.

Do you read? Tell us about good books you read this year?

In the past year I read “A Couple of Comedians” by Don Carpenter from his Hollywood Trilogy.Pirates and Farmers by the art critic Dave Hickey. I have a Goodreads account where I keep track of these things: https://www.goodreads.com/jonleon

What are you currently working on?

I’m writing a novel titled Nathalie.

'Every single commodity you produce is a piece of your own death'. Discuss?

I don’t know.

So do you fancy yourself as some kind of artist or what?

I don’t know.

'Quit... quit... you should quit... you should quit... you should... you should...'. Should you quit?

I’m always quitting.

Are you just in it for the money?

Without the money, you’re not in it. 

Can you give us the names of two other interesting people who you think we may not have heard of but should have heard of?

I wish I could.


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