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Originally from Misfits Mag, 2016


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Municipal Pool

Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth.


Who: Nat Baldwin
Where: Portland, Maine, USA
What: Writer/Musician

Hi. So, who are you?

The blurry shape of a being staring into a mud puddle.

Where are you from?

I was conceived on Cutts Island in Kittery Point, Maine
What do you do?

I study English and philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. 

What time is it where you are and what are you doing right now?

11:16am, listening to rain hit the house.

Who or what are you influenced by?

Gramma Norma
Are you one of those people who like really loves technology?

If you mean technology like language and writing then like hell yeah

Do you listen to music? If so, what's been the best stuff you've heard all year?

Kim Yideum translated by Ji Yoon Lee at Mission Creek. Tony Conrad as I go to sleep. Ben Baldwin and the Big Note live at the Book & Bar.

Do you read? Tell us about good books you read this year?

Started the year with Hiromi Itō, Hilda Hilst, Unica Zürn, Marianna Fritz, Janice Lee, and Caron Butler. Then school started and switched gears. Currently reading the last school-assigned book of the semester, Cannibal Metaphysics by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Also just got Troy James Weaver's Marigold in the mail and looking forward to finishing The End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck.

What are you currently working on?

Two more essays for the semester - one on Paolo Virno, his distinction between work/action via Arendt + Marx, the other on Alain Badiou, his version of 'ethics' + redefinition of evil. When school ends in two weeks, I start summer school with a class on Kubrick, then head to UMass for a week-long fiction workshop with Noy Holland, one of my favorites of all favorites. Currently working on a story where things happen on a farm that I'm hoping to have in shape for the workshop. I'm excited to finish the essays and focus on the fiction. I'm also taking Peter Markus' amazing online workshop this summer, which I cannot recommend highly enough. 

'Every single commodity you produce is a piece of your own death'. Discuss?

We'll both die a little when we work for Facebook for free by posting this interview. 
So do you fancy yourself as some kind of artist or what?

100% athlete.

'Quit... quit... you should quit... you should quit... you should... you should...'. Should you quit?

Already quit.
Are you just in it for the money? 

I'm in it for the student loans, the insomnia, the tacos.

Can you give us the names of two other interesting people who you think we may not have heard of but should have heard of?

Amanda Roseberry - leatherworker + designer at Nomad Leatherworkvisit her shop here

Also, Jason Read - philosopher + professor at USM.


Nat Baldwin is a writer and musician living in Portland, Maine. His fiction has appeared in PANK, Sleepingfish, Alice Blue, Timber, Deluge, and The Spectacle. He has released several solo albums and plays bass in Dirty Projectors. He is currently pursuing a BA in English at the University of Southern Maine.