Swimmers Club

12th November 2016


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Courtesy of Oscar

Municipal Pool

Check which is the shallow end and note the point where you will be out of your depth.


Who: Oscar d'Artois
Where: Paris, France
What: Writer

Hi. Who are you? 

Oscar d'Artois 

Where are you from?

Paris, France

What time is it where you are? What's going on?

It's 9:30 am in France, which i just left, & 8:30 am in Cambridge, where I'm going. (I'm currently on a train inside a tube at the bottom of the ocean, not sure what time it is in here). I'm on my way to a graduation, which I'm privately kind of excited about due to having read too much Oxbridge-porn (Woolf, Waugh etc) in my late teens. 

Oscar, you put all these people together for Cassette 89 and we thank you for that but you also picked the year 1989 for the 89 bit. Why the choice of 1989? Was it the fall of Communism? Was it because 1989 was the year that kick-started the era of designer babies? Or was it just something to do with the fact that 1989 was the year of the first commercial internet dial-up connection?

It's just cause it's the year I was born in and I am vain & unimaginative, really. Also I guess because up until very recently I lived in Berlin where about 75% of the tourism is fall-of-the-wall related. And of course in honor of T-swift. 1989 was an ok year, I think. In the Chinese zodiac it is a year of the snake (like T-swift?), which has the relative misfortune of coming on the heels of the year of the dragon, a fact no '88 baby I knew as a kid let me forget. Now I'm all grown up though I don't mind being a snake so much. #teamsatan

Can you tell us a bit about what you're working on next or will that jinx it?

I am *almost* done with a short book of prose about instant noodles & porn & religion. I find stringing words together into coherent paragraphs that follow some kind of internal logic pretty difficult. I'm not sure what I will do with the manuscript once I'm finished. Talking about it will probably jinx it, but then again I haven't been able to stop myself from blabbing about it online in the past, so. 

Do you ever still listen to real audio cassette tapes like some kind of unreconstructed hipster of five years ago? Great question, huh? 

A friend recently gave me an audio cassette recording he'd made of us/roadtrips/parties as a wedding gift & I've been desperately trying to locate a tape player ever since. So in that sense I think they are kind of a pain. That said, if you are into owning physical objects - something I occasionally like to do - & have access to a tape player, it seems like a cheaper, more portable alternative to records.

Can you swim?

I was on the water polo team in high school (it was the least sought-after sport that I could think of).


Oscar has compiled the upcoming sampler Cassette 89 available from Dostoyevsky Wannabe