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Originally from Misfits Mag, 2016


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Who: Timmy Reed
Where: Baltimore, USA
What: Writer

Who are you? 

I am Timmy Reed, a small, confused man living in a small, confused world in what appears to be a very large (and potentially confused) universe. I also write, skateboard, teach, give tours of the city, and hang out with my girlfriend as well as the fish and cat with whom we share our humble domicile.


Where are you from?

I am from Baltimore City, Maryland (aka Charm City aka Mobtown aka The CIty of Firsts aka The Land of Pleasant Living aka Clipper City aka Bodymore, Murderland aka The Monumental City aka The Jewel of the Chesapeake, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You get the picture, we have a lot of nicknames.)

Tell us about your new book? 

Star Backwards is a satirical novel aimed at the early years of the 2000's, especially focusing celebrity, reality television, self-identity, and family life. There is a fair amount of plastic-surgery, diarrhea, and bloodletting as well. 

What would you call your book? Poetry? Prose? Some mixture? Do you think much about these kinds of distinctions? 

I would call it a satirical novel.The words go to the end of the page and I call that prose. I almost always go to the end of the page, so even when I set out to write a poem it usually turns into prose. Star Backwards would not make a very good poem, but I could see it is a stage play because there is a ton of dialogue. I don't think about these things very often. 

Can you say something fancy and clever and literary about your book? 

Something fancy and clever and literary about your book...but really, it is a book written over a very long period that projects a heightened version of what already felt like heightened time in America (the vibrant era of daily color-coded terror alerts and new forms of wonderfully mind-numbing entertainment known as the the early G.W. Bush-era) if heightened means totally ridiculous and often terrible in the best ways. 

What would you say to sell your book to the general public? 

If you don't buy the book and read every word inside, they will bring back those color-coded terror alerts and they will be permanently set to hot-pink. 

How does it differ to what you've written before or doesn't it? 

It is nothing at all like anything I have previously published. I don't usually write satire, I don't write about celebrities, I don't write time-period specific stories. I also made a conscious decision to use a very different kind of voice for this story, one that is a parody itself, taking aim at the prose styles of several writers who were very popular during that period so it doesn't really sound like something I wrote, if you are familiar with my other books and short stories. I hope people still enjoy it though. 

Can you tell us a bit about what you're working on next? 

Well, I have a novella called I.R.L. due out this fall from San Francisco's Outpost 19 books. I am also working on a katabasis novel about a man who puts on his mother's clothes and follows her into the underworld after her funeral (or, possibly, his own?) besides that, I have a couple of other books I am shopping around and I am always working on shorter stories and things. 

Heard any good music this year? 

This summer you should all be listening to The Sneaks (from Baltimore) and also The Snails (from Baltimore.)

Do you fancy yourself as some kind of artist or what? 

This question is so British, I love it. I don't know if I "fancy" myself as anything really. I like to make and sell and showcase art but basically I am just someone who likes to tell stories. Whether I am writing novels, teaching my students at the university, giving tours of the City as a park ranger and culinary tour guide, or just talking to strangers in a bar or at the skatepark, I am usually engaged in some kind of storytelling. 

Finally, have you read anything good this year? 

This questionnaire was a pretty okay read, I guess. I just re-read High-Rise. I am always re-reading Grendel. My man D. Watkins' last two books are really good. There is a lot more but I think that is enough for the present.


Star Backwards by  Timmy Reed is available from Dostoyevsky Wannabe from Summer 2016 click here for more information