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"He stopped, took a swig of the dead champagne. It was like SevenUp"


You know how you list your 'Likes' and tastes' on Facebook/social-media and nobody gives a flying fuck because it's too easy to just say 'I Like this or that' in a kind of contextless way and everyone ends up none the wiser about everyone else and the only people who end up caring are some multinational company who receive your registered 'Like' as a tiny dot of data in some frictionlessly delivered spreadsheet?

SevenUp is the opposite of that.


We ask people to name seven things that they think are cool and give us a few paragraphs on why they think they're cool.

You can choose records, books, works of art, items of clothing, films, music videos, designs, typefaces, designers, artists, musicians or bands.

You can even choose hipster-ish caricature things like particular vintage technologies, object orientated computer languages, brands of coffee, coffee shops, digital watches or obscure former-Soviet Union fixed aperture toy cameras (?!).

What are we not interested in? We're not really interested in overly general abstract concepts like 'freedom' or 'love' or anything like that. Well, we are but not for this.

Why 'cool'? Why aren't we asking for things that are worthy or efficient or super successful? Just because.

If you want to submit, you can mix and match your SevenUp in any way you like (one record, two songs, one film, one typeface, one artist, one book or just seven records or seven films or seven whatever, it's up to you).


Write what you like but we're probably going to be interested in things such as:

We'd recommend anywhere between as little as 250 words (that's like a paragraph) on each choice or as many as a 1000 words if you're feeling hugely enthusiastic about each choice.


Submit online.

We'll use images to illustrate your choices so if you have any images or ideas for images that you want to send to us or that you can point to online then feel free to send them over via email to: email.swimmersclub@gmail.com.

Images have to be at least 1300px across, landscape and something around a 4:3 ratio. If you don't have any images then that's no problem, we can dig some out for you.