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23rd March 2017


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The Subterraneans

Push your shoulders and hands under the surface of the water.


Who: Stutter and Twitch
Where: Manchester, UK
What: Record Label

Can you tell us a bit about how and when the label started?

We founded the label in the summer of 2016. We're working musicians by trade and frequently DJ in bars, and clubs, playing exclusive funk and soul on vinyl. Coming from Manchester we've always been surrounded by fantastic music but we soon realised we couldn't play the local independent bands that we wanted to because they weren't on vinyl. And then after that it just kind of clicked!

How did the name come about?

Stutter & Twitch came about from the use of pet names we have for each other. Ryan grew up with astutter, whereas Cat has a twitch. We feel it represents the label perfectly as organic with a personal touch.

Are there any particular genres that you specialise in or is it just about music that you like?

We've never been ones to have a biased music taste, especially when it's our profession! We favour funk and soul predominantly, but we've released Latin records, Afro Beat and Hot Brass. A dedicated remix features on all our records too, within the realm of electronica, DnB, and glitch! We really try and spread ourselves across all areas and push a hybrid ideology for our work.

Can you tell us a little bit about the city in which you are based and what influence, if any, on the label?

It feels almost disingenuous to try and sum up what Manchester means to us all in a couple of sentences. Obviously there's a huge musical influence in Manchester and the North for that matter; the culture surrounding it is so rich and unique, and yet it feels like the North is the underdog of the English music scene, compared to London at least. There are a fantastic variety of bands and artists that simply aren't getting the attention they deserve in the current climate. We're inspired by the city every day and it helps us keep doing what we do!

What formats do you sell?

We specialise in 7" vinyls, although we are planning a 12" release for the summer. We prefer vinyl to anything else, simply on the quality and the nuances that aren’t as obvious as say an MP3. Although vinyl is a hefty investment to get started with, it's definitely something that will and has withstood time and scrutiny.

These days every musician can get connected to their own social-media channels and Bandcamp, etc and promote and publish their own work. Do you think this has changed the role of the independent label or don't you think too much has changed as a result of Bandcamp, Soundcloud and co?

When we started S&T we valued it more as a collective over a record label; a way for bands, artisans and entrepreneurs to come together and create something together that they'd be proud to put their name on. It's easy to promote your own work as a self-starter but with an over-saturation of bands it's easy to get lost in the fog. We think our process and opportunities for artists and audiences stands out and offers something for bands with more talent than attention, which is usually the case with so many artists.